Name: Vendetta
Inspiraton: ven-ˈde-tə noun: a series of acts done by someone over a long period of time to cause harm to a disliked person or group
Gender: Male
Parentage: Sthennuu x Ningyu

Birth Pride: Honor Betrayed

Element: Manipulation
Siblings: Shadow, Kouma & Mazuuko
Mate: Auunat

Pride: Bloodied Altar
Offspring: Eurynome
: Demon
God: Rekshanuu

 He can Mindspeak, and read the minds of anyone who doesn't have an advanced Telepathic Ability/Mindblock. He has Perfect Nightivision as well.

Like his Father he wears a partial mask, the only difference is his mask is actually bolted on, and has a symbol like an "M" with a circle around it under the eye. He has two spikes on his back, fully flight-capable wings, and Nearly impenetrable white scales on his underbelly. (It'd take an extremely sharp object to get through these scales. Normal Claws and Teeth wouldn't be able to.)

He has a Scar over his left eye which was gained from a sharp silver needle being thrown at him when he was a cub. It crazed his flesh, and even managed to scrape the scales on his cheek.

He is of the Manipulation Element, and his front paws have Spell-Markings on their blackened pads, which make it possible for this Raveen to take full control of anyone he touches. Much like his Father, he can manipulate them like puppets -- only his ability is control by the Spell-Markings, and there are no energy threads needed. The only requirement is that he has to have touched the puppet with one of his front paws, and actually have the Spell-Marking come in to contact with them, before he can control them.

Now his ability to puppeteer is limited to only two puppets at a time, but he can take control of anyone he's touched no matter how long ago the contact happened. Only thing is he can't take control of someone with Mage-Reading Abilities, as they'd be able to sense the control and block it.

He can teleport at will, by turning in to red smoke and reforming elsewhere.

Teleport (Red smoke)
Mindreading (Limited)
Nightvision (Perfect)
Manipluation (Spell Markings)

Manipulation's End: Cuts the strings of fate, instantly killing the desired opponent.

Blood-Marked: Yes
Rank: N/A
Class: N/A
Slayer Magics: N/A

Raveen Kats are Gryphon Ice.