Name: Shii Larnai
Inspiraton: Named for her mother, Larani
Gender: Female
Parentage: Larani x Ruudius

Birth Pride: Ashened Ruins

Element: Ash
Siblings: Unknown
Mate: Gwydiuun
Pride: Protector's Oath

Offspring: Kazuuo
Dimension: Inner
God: Orcle

Like her mother, Shii Larnai is a Child of the Orcle. She is small in build, but quite quick on her paws. Her back is where her elemental mutation is - it's made up of black ash. This ash is always lava hot, so anything flamable that comes in to contact with this ash will catch fire instantly. Water will not effect this ash, and the ash cannot be 'blown' off her - it's a part of her.

Now the ash upon her back is now quite deadly. One simple touch will result with the target being totally engulfed in flames, instantly turned to ash, severly burned, or it will cause the target to explode in a mess of flame and blood. She can control what the ash does, so it's up to her how much, if any, damage she wants to cause.

Growth Notes
Since Shii Larnai has become a Semi-Demon she gains a power upgrade. This upgrade is a touch upon her current power, but with demonic influence.

Shii Larnai can now literally obliterate the world. She has gained a lot of raw demonic power, which makes her more dangerous than the others. You see her powers are over the earth, ash, and flame, and right now she isn't able to fully grasp that. So when she taps in to her demonic powers over earth, ash and flame she risks destroying the area she's in, as the earth nearby may explode in flame or someone nearby could have a limb turned to ash. However once she gains a grasp upon her power she'll be able to manipulate the earth beneath her, but only in the way that she'll be able to turn it to ash or cause flame to sprout up. Anything larger than that, and she will be putting an entire world at risk and not just the immediate area she's in.

Now she can also use a power which I like to call demon enchant, it's basically a power which allows Shii Larnai to call demons to her. She can't control them, but she can draw their attention to her and cause a distraction which cannot be ignored.

Ash (on back)
Demon Enchant

Ash Paw: Simillar to fire paw except the users paw does not turn to flames, anything the user touches will turn to flames

Ash Wave: A wave of ash which explodes when it hits the target.

Blood-Marked: Yes
Rank: N/A
Class: N/A
Slayer Magics: N/A

Name: Lin
Gender: Female
Element: Magic
Notes: Can teleport. Has a no-tail mutation

Name: Fehrdi
Gender: Male
Element: Black Magic
Notes: Can stun opponent for 30 seconds by means of touch

Raveen Kats are Gryphon Ice.