Name: Kazuuo
Inspiraton: "First Son" (Japanese)
Gender: Male
Parentage: Shii Larnai x Gwydiuun
Birth Pride: Protectors' Oath
Element: Ash
Siblings: None
Mate: Zenhaisoge

Dark Embers
Offspring: Haijin
Dimension: Inner
God: Orcle

He is fully Telekinetic, and immune to any kind of fire. Be it Purity, Demon, or otherwise, he cannot be harmed by it. His Elemental Mutation is present upon his back, where a row of ashen spikes follow along his spine. These spikes are deadly sharp, and surrounded by blackened fur which is always covered in a thin veil of smoke. If anyone comes in to contact with these spikes, enemy or ally, they will immediately suffer having the part of their flesh that came in to contact with the spikes being turned to ash. Aside from the initial pain caused by the scratch of the spikes, this isn't a painful thing to happen, as the flesh is instantly killed and turned to ash. However if caught in the heat of battle an opponent might not realize it has lost a valuable limb until it's too late.

After he faced his dream this Ash Raveen found himself in Ahrna with the other Semi-Demons. The Dishonored gave them the choice to join them, learn their ways and ultimately become one of them, and he accepted. He stayed with the Dishonored, even after seeing a number of his comrades killed by them in an attempted escape, with little care for the lives lost.

He remained with the Dishonored for a couple months, learning their customs and general fighting styles. He enjoyed it, but eventually decided he didn't like the useless fighting between each other that the Dishonored and Undead seemed to thoroughly enjoy. It served no purpose, and caused this Ash Raveen to set out on his own across Ahrna. He still remained loyal to the Dishonored and other Semi-Demon CotO who were now deemed traitors by their former comrades, but enjoyed his own solitude. After a few weeks of wandering alone he re-joined a group of Dishonored when they began their attack on Surai. He killed a few members of the Warrior's Crest Prides, and fatally wounded the Seer known as Kanjra, with much delight. He knew the Seer had known about what the CotO would have been forced to go through, and was angry at her for not telling him or the others this information. The fight with her wasn't easy, and it even cost him his right ear, but in the end he enjoyed spilling her blood.

Yet all the senseless killing eventually lost it's thrill, and this Ash Raveen was glad when he faced the CotO of Surai in what would seemingly be their final battle. When he suddenly found himself in Twillight Valley he was taken aback by the lack of wanting to kill the other CotO, having previously saw it as his only escape from his personal torment. Confused, he wasn't even able to lash out at them, and found himself questioning his choices so far.

Fire Immunity
IriKan Summon


Blood-Marked: Yes
Rank: N/A
Class: N/A
Slayer Magics: N/A

Raveen Kats are Gryphon Ice.