Name: Honua
Gender: Female
Parentage: Wild x Wild
Birth Pride: Unknown
Element: Earth

Dimension: Inner
Mate: Amuun-Ra
Pride: Earth's Calling

Earth Sense
Life Drain/Kill
Energy Drain
Energy Beams
Energy Renewal (for allies)
Immune to Fire, Water, Air & Death

Notes: She was born during the eclipse 6 Raveen Kat years ago. So her 'bangs' are actually two leaves. When she was born the Dishonored weren't out of stasis and the times were actually quite peaceful, so her powers weren't increased x5 like the current Children of the Orcle. Although she still has immunities, and hers are - Fire, Water, Air, Death. She has all Earth abilities except for Weed (she can never have Weed abilities as the element Weed is not a pure Earth subtype). She is a Child of the Orcle, but the semi-god/semi-demon thing doesn't apply to her.

Honua can now strip the life from any creature touching ground. This makes her quite deadly, as anything that isn't in the air is within her attack range, she can also sense those who are upon contact with earth, so she's kind of like a Mage-reader now, just she can't mindspeak - only sense. So anyone who isn't in the air/water are at risk of having Honua either drain their energy -in which case she can turn that stolen energy in to beams of exploding green energy, which she doesn't have to use right away - Or she can just simply kill someone. Now this also works in such a way that she can also give that stolen energy to someone else, so if during a fight one of her allies was starting to look weak she could take some energy from a target and give it to that ally.

Since she's an older CotO she might not be fully aware of her power's extent, so she might not realize the power of death that she has, but the power to steal energy would be obvious enough. ^^;

    Raveen Kats are GryphonIce.