Name: Gwydiuun
Gender: Male
Parentage: Wild x Wild
Birth Pride: Unknown
Element: Ash

Dimension: Inner
Mate: Shii Larnai
Pride: Protector's Oath

Notes: He's been in quite a few fights, as easily told by the scars lining his body and his ripped-up mane. Around his neck, on an orange leather strap, hangs a single Raveen Kat claw which he took from someone he fought with. Kind of a momento of his victory over an opponent that didn't think an Ash could defeat him. The claw was taken from a Dishonored who crossed this Ash's path - or more accurately Kota. Needless to say Kota was unable to defeat this Ash, they agreed not to use abilities, and so when Kota was killed this Ash took one of his claws. Although he was tempted to take a tooth, especially one of the canines.

Ash Paw: Anything the user touches after this ability is activated will be turned painfully to flame.

Ash Wave: Wave-Ability. Sends a wave of black ash hurtling at a target. Will explode on contact.

Familiar Information
Name: Ashen
Gender: Female
Element: Ash
Notes: Can turn the area of muscle that she bites in to ash.  This Ash is kind of special, see she's not exactly a pure-blooded Ash Mimic. Somewhere in her bloodline there was a Blood Mimic, and because of that she doesn't have wings/fins and actually has dangerously sharp teeth. She is also a carnivoure, not a fruit-eater like most Mimics. And even though she's smaller then some Mimics, she's a lot more dangerous because of her need to eat meat.

    Raveen Kats are GryphonIce.