Name: Fyllo (brown) and Chomauu (yellow)
Inspiraton: None
Gender: Female, Male
Parentage: Honua x Amuun-Ra
Birth Pride: Earth's Calling
Element: Earth
Siblings: Min, Taruuhan, Siamuun,
Mate: Yhuuuvf, Kidouri
Pride: The Evergreen
Offspring: Amaryllis & Eingana, Mactalla
Dimension: Inner
God: Orcle

Fyllo is the brown cub /w yellow markings. The leaves on her tail will grow back instantly if ripped off, and they do not change color with the season either. they aren't twins even though they born around the same time, so they hold no psychic connection. Fyllo is older.

Chomauu is the yellow cub/w green markings. His 'mane' is made of real leaves, but if they're ripped off they regenerate instantly and they will not change color with the season. His tail is deer-like, a mutation.

Chomauu has two black earrings on the top of his left ear, while none in the other ear. Fyllo has one earring, which holds a moon pendant and a blue feather.


Quake: Can make the ground beneath the target shake and crack.

Blood-Marked: Yes
Rank: N/A
Class: N/A
Slayer Magics: N/A

Raveen Kats are Gryphon Ice.