Name: Pahlawan
Gender: Male
Magics: Earthen Arts (Master)
Parentage: Wild x Wild
Birth Tribe: Unknown

Mate: Bai Yun
Numinous Dreams

Notes: He has a surprisingly sleek build for a Numa, which might be to blame on his fur not being as long as it is on other Numas. He is a master of swordsmanship, having grown up knowing how to handle a blade as if it's only an extension of his limbs. There was a blade that he favoured the most; a black-blue blade with an ivory hilt that had the perfect balance. It was a cherished weapon, one that won him many battles, and was of such a fine design that he's never found another blade quite like it. He had been using it during a fight with a Raveen with yellow-on-red eyes, who somehow managed to knock him unconscious (he'd later claim from a cheater's use of power, as the two had agreed not to use magics), and when he awoke both the Raveen and his blade were missing. He's incredibly bitter about losing it, as all the blades he's found - or created himself - haven't been able to match his previous blade in worth.

He is a Master of the Earthen Arts, able to control and manipulate earth to extreme levels.

    Orias Numas are GryphonIce.