Name: Amadahy
Gender: Female
Magics: Water
Parentage: Wild x Wild
Birth Tribe: Unknown
Mate: Pahlawan
Tribe: Numinous Dreams

Notes: A Viral that has taken on the form of an Orias Numa, she finds herself in a form that can (mostly) pass as a pure Numa. At least from afar. She has a dorsal fin and finned tendrils that extend off her head, as well as oddly hued claws - one paw has claws that glow, the others darken into shadows.

She is a Numa now, no matter what her other life may have held. She can learn the Arts, and master them. She was created with the knowledge of the Water Arts, so she has full understanding of hydromancy. She can learn the other Arts from other Orias Numas, and even teach other Numas the Arts she learns as well.

Earthen Revival
Thrall/Morality Manipulation Immunity
Water Arts (Mastery)
Light Claws (cuts cause spirit damage)
Shadow Claws (cuts cause shadow damage/bypass armour)
Underwater Breathing
Thick Hide
Invisible in Water (must remain motionless)

    Orias Numas are GryphonIce.