Name: Nahoa'alemana
Gender: Male
Parentage: Wild x Wild
Birth Reef: Unknown
Treasured Tides

His coloration and fins would make one assume he's of a bloodline that dwells closer to the deep sands in the oceans, but also one that may seek their hunting ground closer to the surface. He's able to, through use of the Spell-Marks on his body, actually alter the seafloor/earth. During his time in the deeps this power might have been used to create sand traps for predators, crushing them with the force of the sand pushing down on them, or it may have been used to alter the coral reefs into weapons. Above water this power seems to allow for him to alter the earth he's in contact with, but not quite to the same degree as what he might be able to do underwater.

Merkanlos are Gryphon Ice.