Name: Draoithe
Gender: Male
Parentage: Wild x Wild

Birth Pack: Unknown

Siblings: Unknown
Offspring: Ankur, Lapis, Laoch
Pack: Painted Eyes
Notes:  Born just west of the Spirit-Touched Mountains, to parents he never knew, this Azama grew up having to rely on the aid of a nearby Pack that at first were wary of him. With his blue fur he was at first mistaken for being a descendant of an Azama known to be on the Dojanshi Path, so some were quite willing to let the pup fade away in the heart of the forests. But the High One crossed paths with the pup, and saw that while he had the physical coloration of a certain traitor, he was not related. He was pure in heart, and not corrupted. It was later discovered that the reason this Azama's fur was blue was because the day he was born he was Blessed by the Spirit Ferah. Since then any wariness the other Azamas had was set aside, and he was raised by a Pack as if he were their own offspring.

Sometime in his early youth he met a Tree Spirit wandering through the Homeland, seemingly lost. He offered to help the Tree Spirit find it's way back to it's Mother Tree, but upon finding it the little Tree Spirit wanted to repay the Azama's kindness somehow. Instead of remaining at it's Mother Tree, the small Spirit began following the Azama around all the time, and eventually it became his bonded. Tree Spirits can't speak, but they can communicate with their bondeds through an empathy-connection.

He is on the Ferah Path, so not only can he completely manipulate Earth, he can also manipulate/create Ice and Lava, and even affected weather patterns and call upon the aid of lightnining/electricity. At the moment he does have the power to rip a soul from a living vessel to disable them in battle, but it's a power he's wary of and has never once been driven to use.

Familiar Information
Name: Dryad
Gender: Female
Species: Tree Spirit

Notes: Can alter earth, and increases the power/energy levels of it's bonded just by being in the same area. Spirits can aid one another in times of need, so when she's near her bonded she can keep his own inner Earth Spirit from faultering, and even increase the power behind any alterations to the earth he makes.

Tree Spirits look like small primates with long tufted tails and big ears. They always wear a type of mask over their faces, and have little manes around their necks. Generally they're peaceful creatures, and of small builds, but they can have larger builds and have vicious tempers. Tree Spirits are ony visible to Azamas and Coraz Spirits (Raveens and others cannot see them). When endangered, Tree Spirits can fuse with nearby trees to escape.

Azama Spirits are Gryphon Ice.